The Embodied Freedom practice

Ancient practices. Modern Times.

We are all consumed and involved with contemporary living, resulting in many cases of physical pain (backache, joint pain, fatigue etc) mental and emotional anxiety, depression, confusion and a sense of loss of self, but solutions to these issues exist through the use of simple and effective techniques, tools and insights. My style of teaching/sharing draws from ancient eastern techniques and philosophies and some modern day practices that I hope will provide tangible effective results which can be done by anyone.

The ability to “LET GO” or surrender is taught on a Holistic level which results in the letting go of constraints that are holding us back on all levels be it physical, emotional and mental.

Learning to overcome and “master” oneself is a process that requires an intellectual understanding, married with ongoing experience and day to day training/awareness. This is what I would love to share with you and learn from you, if you are ready and interested to discover a different universe that has been existing around and within you all this time.

The Practice

The “practice” is geared towards empowering each and every individual to explore, experience, be witness to and embody the freedom that lies within. This is done through a series and variety of practices some of which include the gentle yet powerful practice, and movements of Qigong (chi~kung), which essentially translates as the “cultivation of energy practice. ” This ancient Chinese martial art and healing practice is a body/mind medicine that helps to cultivate, circulate and store life force energy (chi/prana) in the body and organs. This art form is experienced as a “meditation in motion”. The movements are both gentle and extremely powerful, resulting in increased energy, clarity, focus, blood/oxygen circulation and an overall calming of the central nervous system.

This experience of Chi (life force) that already resides and flows in the body is activated and usually felt from the first session. I have for more than 18 years had instruction in this tradition and philosophy as passed down from my Grand Master, Xie Shoude and his lineage.
These teachings offer an introduction and insight into this ancient practice and philosophy.

No prior experience is necessary and no athletic ability is required. Highly recommended for people who suffer from panic attacks and high levels of anxiety as well as for those who are simply curious, aware and wanting to know more about WHO they are.